?Sick or Well? What do my findings mean

Sometimes one is discharged from the hospital, or completes a neurological evaluation, without understanding well all that has taken place, or the precise relation between the findings on the various brain imaging tests and the difficulties one is experiencing.

Sometimes the terminology used to describe the findings is confusing.

The best way to resolve these difficulties is to review the imaging together, in the context of reviewing the difficulties that led to getting the imaging in the first place.

Dr. Armon reviews the imaging of his patients himself, as long as they provide the discs, and tries to explain what he sees in lay terms. Usually he concurs with the original interpretation, but on occasion may be able to elaborate upon it to clarify how it relates to the patient’s findings on exam.

Dr. Armon has subspecialty certification in Neuroimaging from the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties, and is a member of the Neuroimaging examination committee.

You will be asked to bring to your appointment with Dr. Armon a summary of the last neurological visit or neurological hospitalization, discs with related images, and the original interpretations. It will be helpful if you clarify your questions and concerns in advance, so that we can be sure that we address them in understandable terms.

If review of the material generates new questions, Dr. Armon may recommend additional tests to try to address them, in order to provide the best possible understanding of your condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes one is discharged from the hospital with a sense of being overwhelmed, or flooded, because of the neurological changes you have experienced and the amount of information with which you have been provided. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the connection between your imaging findings and your personal experience.

If that is how you feel and you would like to understand better what has taken place and where that leaves you now (you current condition) – Dr. Armon is available to hear what has transpired, review the course and the findings, including the imaging, and answer your questions. On occasion he may identify additional directions that need to be explored in order to diagnose and treat your condition.